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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  January 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning. there is a fatal crash on the peninsula. 280 year john daly boulevard. the freeway in this area is a mess. one of our reporters is on the way. we'll tell you alternate routes to avoid this problem. a powerful winter storm is pounding the east coast. how the bad weather could effect your travel plans. we're live at sfo. monitoring all the cancellations and delays because of the big storm back east. we will talk to you about the impact here. plus a stubborn grass fire
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near marin county shopping mall. how that fire is tied to a homeless camp. ktvu channel 2 nows. 6:00. very nice picture outside of the bay bridge it looks like. on the embarcadero and san francisco. its friday, january 3rd and good morning. welcome to ktvu channel 2 morning news. tori campbell in for pam cook who has the day off. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve, what do you see out there? >> well here or in green bay? [ laughter ] i see really cold temperatures. coldest air since 1996 is set to plunge into parts of the great lakes. it looks really cold at lambeau. zero to start off and minus six to minus eight at the second half. for us it looks like nothing we have seen before.
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there is a few high clouds. 30s to 40s and 50s on the low. 50 in san francisco. there is is still a component of an easterly breeze. a little low off the coast. high pressure inland doesn't like it so it fills with a slight breeze. another mostly sunny day. highs 60 to 70 degrees. here is sal. i want to let you know about this fatal crash in daly city. san francisco area. southbound 280 year the john daly boulevard right in this area here. between john daly boulevard and the exit there at the brotherhood way exit. i think we have a live picture of the scene. these are live pictures of the scene. of this crash involving both directions of 280 in daly city san francisco. you can see san francisco fire department is there and one person has been killed. there is daly city fire as well
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engine 94. so this is a multivehicle crash and several departments are responding. so san francisco and daly city are both handling this. go ahead and put the live bug up. these are live pictures. southbound 280 is at a stop here because of this crash. all right. let's move along. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is moving along okay coming into san francisco. and northbound 280 that looks good getting up to highway 17. 6:03 let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. happening right now would you believe 100 million people on the path of a big storm. this storm is stretching across 22 states and up to two feet of snow may fall and also bring below zero windchills in parts of the northern part of the country. blizzard warning still in effect from cape cod to new york's long island. and new york state is under a state of emergency.
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>> stay out of your cars to the maximum extent possible. if you don't need to go out, please don't go out. we want to make sure people are safe. we want them to be in a warm location. >> that big storm is also driving strong winds off the new england coast. the high tides over night stretching into this morning they are expected to cause flooding along the coast of massachusetts. the snow and all of that frigid cold in the northeast are shutting down schools and businesses and government offices. in massachusetts the state buildings will close for a second straight day today. all public schools in new york city are closed. people are just being advised stay indoors. avoid driving on those dangerous roads. several major new york highways were shut down during the night. the new york state throughway was closed for the first time since super storm sandy. the throughway and the long island expressway both reaccepted a short time earlier this -- reopened a short time
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earlier this morning. that snowstorm is disrupting air traffic. the bay area airports they are feeling it too. ktvu janine de la vega is at sfo now to tell us the very latest on word of cancellations. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning. traffic is starting to really pick up here at sfo. you know, in the last half hour, a said several canceled flights were here. but now that has changed to nine canceled flights. it keeps on going up. i just looked on the board inside. it does say all the other flights are running on time. now the heavy snowfall in the northeast and the midwest is causing a lot of problems for airports there. is reporting 1700 flights have been canceled in the u.s. today. there has been about 640 delays. the airports hardest hit are newark, lou guard, and boston
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and jfk. jfk they had to close earlier this morning. the airport reopened about a half hour ago at 5:30. now when passengers arrive id this morning at sfo they were concerned about what to expect but are taking it in stride. >> if its delayed a little bit, its okay. what can you do? mother nature wants to dump a storm, then it does and we all have to go along. >> reporter: and you packed appropriately? lots of coats. >> lots of coats ands and maybe not leave the hotel. >> reporter: that passenger who is traveling on american airlines is heading to jfk. she was told her flight is on time this morning. but airports are encouraging passengers to check their flights online. while there doesn't seem to be too many delays. arriving flights is a different story. there are numerous cancellations we are seeing on
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the board as far as arying flights. again things are changing constantly. reporting live at sfo janine de la vega. >> for the latest information on travel delays and the storm back east, make sure you follow ktvu right here and of course on twitter and facebook. we'll post updates about local and national travel delays all throughout the day. it is 6:06 this morning. crews are still watching out for hot spots from a stubborn grass fire near a popular marin county shopping mall. it started shortly after 11:00 last night. a ktvu news crew was on the scene just moments later. investigators say the flames started in a homeless camp and quickly spread. some propane tanks at that homeless camp created a hazard for firefighters. >> the larger propane tanks when they get heated to a certain extent they vent and can sometimes explode.
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so some of those did out there. the ones used for camping. so that poses a risk to firefighters. >> no one was hurt. investigators are now trying to material if someone in the homeless camp started the fire. and this fire in the dry grass comes after the driesteer on record in marin county. dating all the way back to the 1870s. ktvu meteorologist steve paulson tells us only seven to ten inches of rain fell across the county last year. the annual average is 52 inches. the county will consider water rationing later this year. time is 6:08. there are two separate court hearings this morning about 13- year-old jahi mcmath of oakland. her family and oakland's children's hospital are still battling over what will happen with her. tara moriarty is in oakland right now to tell us about those settlement talks today. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. in three hours attorneys for both sides of this legal battle
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will be meeting here at alameda county courthouse superior court and they will have a settlement conference and two hours later they will head over to federal court. we are not sure exactly what this settlement conference is regarding. we do know this is the same judge that issued a temporary restraining order. barring children's hospital from taking jahi mcmath off life support in in federal court the judge will hear a request for an order requiring feeding tubes to be installed so the 13-year-old can be moved to another facility. jahi's parents want the judges to order childrens to insert a feeding tube. they also want a tube that almost make it easier for her to breathe. jahi has been on life support since december 12th when doctors pronounced her brain dead. children's officials say they will not insert the tubes because they have no legal
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obligation to operate on the body of a dead person. time is 6:09. san francisco is facing a very important deadline today in connection with last year's dadly asiana airline crash. lawyers for the family of one of the victims went to see all of the video recorded by san francisco's fire trucks and the helmet cameras. the city attorney has until noontime to hand over the videos. the family of one of the victims plans to sue the city over their daughter's death. federal investigators concluded she was hit by a fire truck that was responding to the crash of asiana flight 214 at sfo on july 6th. a former advisor to oakland mayor jean quan will run against quan in the november marriage race. civil rights attorney dan siegel has known mayor quan since the 1960s when they were both student activists at uc berkeley. siegel was quan's unpaid legal
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advisor when she was elected mayor. the billion dollar doyle drive project is moving on to the fast track. drivers heading from marin county into san francisco are now seeing new lane configurations around the base of the golden gate bridge. you're looking at cal trans animation. it will be completed by late 2515 or early 2016. the new doyle drive is designed to create a quicker and safer drive into san francisco. time is 6:11. now the fbi is investigating an arson attack at the chinese consulate in san francisco. the surveillance video that could help identify the arsonist. also a california priest is killed inside a church rectory on new years day. good morning. we have live pictures of this breaking news on the freeway in
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daly city san francisco border here. this crash there it is. northbound 280 and also southbound 280 effected. avoid the area. we'll tell you what happened and why this is going to be here for awhile. very active weather for almost all the country but not right here. we'll have your friday forecast and see if these temperatures hold into the weekend. in touch with the ground ♪ ♪ i'm on the hunt, i'm after you ♪ ♪ smell like i sound ♪ i'm lost in a crowd ♪ and i'm hungry like the wolf ♪ straddle the line ♪ in discord and rhyme ♪ i'm on the hunt, i'm after you ♪
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welcome back. new this morning reports that two americans have been detained in benghazi libya. libyan security official says they are college basketball players at benghazi university. we don't know yet why they were detained. last month four u.s. military personnel were briefly taken into custody at a check point in libya but they were later released. later on today a humboldt county man is due in court. he will face charges that he killed a popular priest in eureka on new years day. the body of reverend eric freed was found inside the rectory of a church in eureka after he didn't show up for the morning mass. homicide investigators say father freed was killed during a violent struggle. >> just based on the evidence at the scene, it looks to us that there was some level of struggle in the parsonage. >> now the suspect has been identified as 43-year-old gary lee bullock. there is no word yet on a
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possible motive. investigators think it was a random killing. it is 6:15. there is new information about san jose's first homicide of 2014. investigators tell the mercury news no one called 911 for almost an hour. early yesterday morning the male victim was shot but he still managed to reach the front yard of a duplex on south 33rd and east san antonio street. tenants looked out their windows to check what was happening but they didn't see anything. later a woman returning home found the man face down in her driveway. the victim has still not been identified. people in santa cruz county can now use social media to talk about safety issues in their community. the sheriffs office began using a free service yesterday called next door. people can sign up by using their addresses. users will be able to read what others are saying about the area. the sheriffs office will not be able to access users websites,
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contact information, or contents. and facebook is being sued for violating electronics privacy laws. two facebook users claim facebook scanned users private messages and shared that information with advertisers. and they want facebook to stop doing that. they also want $100 a day in damages for each day facebook violates electronic privacy laws. they plan to ask for class action status. facebook is not commenting on lawsuit. time is 6:17. we have an update from minneapolis about wednesday's apartment house explosion. firefighters recovered a body in one of the rooms. the explosion and fire injured 14 people before the body was found. authorities said there were two people unaccounted for. investigators want to know if a natural gas leak may have triggered the explosion and then caused the fire. a dog from northern california is being called a holiday hero.
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the dog is named forest. there he is. it comes after talk on the town after a frightening incident. forest sprung into action when a fire broke out in a south sacramento home while the owner was sound asleep. forest immediately jumped on her, bit her, did everything he could to wake her up as those flames approached her. >> and i was so far into sleep, i was going to die. he drug me out the door and into the front yard. >> firefighters say she could have died if it had not been for the quick response of forest the dog. >> a live lie dog. 6:18. let's check in with sal. get an update on that terrible situation in daly city. fatal accident. >> that is right. southbound 280 just at the border of daly city and san francisco. southbound 280 someone was hit on the freeway. northbound 280 there was also a crash there. so its really blocking both sides. northbound 280 is down to one
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lane getting through. and that is northbound 280 you can see one lane is getting through. as we move over to the other side of the freeway if we can. i think sid is listening to me. yes. this is the southbound side. i don't see anyone. is there anyone getting through? no, i think the freeway is completely shut down. there goes bart to give you a reference. 280 southbound is stopped. cars are being taken off the road at the earlier exit top so southbound 280 completely stopped. these people are not going anywhere. northbound one lane is getting by. claudine wong is arriving on the scene. she will tell us what happened. it sounds like it was pretty serious crash. one person was running at one point on the freeway and hit and killed by a car. let's move along and take a look at the commute westbound bay bridge. you can see the traffic here is moving along okay. its not a big commute at the time. and if you are driving on 24
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westbound in oakland, westbound near broadway there is an injury accident off the to side. its not causing a big delay because traffic is light. just be aware it is there. let's go to steve. thank you. i was telling dave and tori -- [ laughter ] reminds my of a joke but never mind. mobile, alabama the windchill is 18 degrees. i mean you are on the gulf. 1 degrees. it is just -- we are unbelievably quiet here and it is just very, very cold for almost everyone else or very snowy. and for sunday it looks really cold in green bay. i've seen high of minus two to low of minus 17. any way you slice it, it will billion cold. for us high clouds, hazy conditions. some of the coldest air since february 1996 is poised to move into much of montana and the great lakes and points east as we go into this weekend. for us its a very warm pattern.
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high pressure is building along the coast. 30s, 40s to some locations half- moon bay is 45. 50 down in palm springs. logan had over 15. back to new york though and new jersey is about 5-10. so massachusetts blew them away as far as snow totals. green bay is just cold right now. the really, really cold air is now move into the picture. very mild hazy conditions. there are signs next week we might get a little pattern change. i don't think there will be much in the way of rain. there will be two systems next week. it will be cooler. there could be some rain to the north. until then what you see is what
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you get. mostly sunny. hazy skies. 60s and 70s. we will go 70 in clearlake. 65 pittsburgh. livermore 66. oakland 64. that is down a little bit from yesterday. low 70s morgan hill and gilroy. san jose at 68. 60s on the coast. warm and breezy on saturday. still nice sunday. does look cooler as we go into early next week. today boeing machinists in washington state will be voting on a new contract that could see some of their annual base salaries top $100,000. it will guarantee the new 777x jet will be built in the region if the contract is approved. but they want union leaders to reject the new contract. southern california is in the running for the assembly plant
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if the contract is not approved. time is 6:22. some serious allegations against the special teams coordinator for the minnesota vikings. they just can't catch a break. another delay for those passengers stranded in antarctica. before you settle for another ordinary mattress,
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6:25. for the second time in two weeks the city of sausalito is dealing with a sewage spill. a crew repairing a ruptured sewer main found a spill yesterday. 500 gallons of raw sewage flowed down storm drains. environmentalist say the sewage spill is one of hundreds that happen around the bay each year. time 16:26. there is another delay for the passengers that were stranded on a ship stuck in the ice in antarctica. they used a helicopter to get them off. but now the chinese ship may be stuck in the ice. so the australian ice breaker has been told to stay in the area and help out if necessary. in the meantime 22 russian crew members are still aboard that
6:27 am
ship waiting for the ice to breakout. >> its fallly operatal. its fully prepared to be in the ice. its well stored and well provisioned sot risks would be low for the crew. >> the rescued passengers are not expected to reach australia until the middle of january. 6:26. today california will have its first snow survey of the year but experts are not expecting much from the results. according to the national weather service, northern california jump completed its driest year since the weather service started keeping track back in 1921. today's snow survey is expected to be only about 20% of normal. and that is a big difference from last year at this time when we had a pretty wet december and the snow survey was about 150% of normal. a makeshift memorial honoring 13-year-old andy lopez goes up in flames. the new information we learned this morning about what started the fire. we have a major crash on
6:28 am
the peninsula. southbound 280 at the border between san francisco and daly city. a pedestrian was hit and killed. the traffic is at a complete stop on one side of the freeway and 280 northbound it will be very slow because only one lane is getting by. we'll tell you more about what happened.
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stock futures following markets overseas were higher. and jamba juice there. local company opening the nasdaq. it looks like the numbers are hiring. following a pretty dismal start to the 2014 trading year yesterday. but again we will be following the numbers and encouraging even to have a little jamba juice. >> yes. we will smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here
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on ktvu channel 2 morning news. friday, january 3rd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. its 6:30. a quick look at weather and traffic. it will be darn chilly. >> darn cold there. yes. you bet. it will be darn cold out there. put a blanket on your car. any way you look at it, the high is supposed to be around zero or one or two below. its the late game. so mostly cloudy or breezy. 30s to 40s to 50 degrees. a little low off the coast sending in a few high clouds. high pressure inland and seal with that little offshore push. mostly sunny and partly cloudy. 60s again to near 70 degrees. here's sal. steve, we have a very serious problem on 280 in san francisco border with daly city. let's go to the live pictures
6:32 am
here. i want to show you what is going on. southbound and northbound 280 are effected. that is northbound 280 you see on the left. there is a car involved in the crash and southbound 280 is blocked because of this fatal crash that happened about 30 minutes ago on 280. now let's go to claudine wong who is live at the scene and trying to sort out what happened. good morning, claudine. where are you? what is happening? >> reporter: good morning. we are here where the freeway is still shut down. i will show you what is happening now in terms of the investigation. further on from where we are standing here on the southbound lanes you can see there are fire engines down there. the ambulance and the body of the victim is still in the roadway. we can see everyone down there working on that portion of the freeway. but as we come back to where we are standing over here, you we can show you where this is started. there is this vehicle and another vehicle on the other side of it. on the northbound lanes and that is where this initial
6:33 am
accident happened. what the chp believes right now is someone from one of the vehicles got out, went over the median, and trying to cross the roadway when that person got hit. and that is the situation they are dealing with right now. if we pan all the way around this way, i want you to see the impact this is having on the traffic there. on that side of the freeway, there are lanes open and traffic is slow but its moving by. but we can go all the way to this side of the freeway and you can see everyone is at a complete stop. this entire freeway is shut down because of course the victim is still in the roadway. people have their headlights off because that is the sense they are getting that will be here awhile. we will continue to monitor the situation. we will talk to chp and keep you updated. live on 280 claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. time 6:33. blizzard conditions cover parts of the northeast this morning. weather alerts have been issued along the northern united
6:34 am
states. so far boxford, massachusetts has the most snow. 23.8 inches. incredible. and two airports have shut down over night. they are trying to recover this morning. boston logan airport is open again while jfk airport in new york is expected to resume their operates literally any minute now. now that northeast storm has caused almost 2,000 flight cancellations all over the nation this morning and the bay area is effected as well. ktvu janine de la vega is joining us live. she is at sfo. what do you know? what is the very latest? >> there are canceled flights here at sfo. so far nine canceled flights. most of the people we have talked to coming here are being told their flights are on time but they are still concerned. the heavy snowfall in the northeast and midwest is causing a lot of problems for airport there is. the number of canceled flights keeps growing every hour. is reporting more than 1700 canceled flights
6:35 am
and there has also been nearly 1,000 delays today so far in the u.s.. the airport's hardest hit are newark, la guardia, and boston. they had to ground all flights over night until about 5:00 a.m.. and again you heard the situation at jfk. they also had to close earlier this morning. the passengers traveling that direction toward the east out of sfo today are worried about things going smoothly. >> just got to the airport and flying through jfk. my flight has been saying its on time but most of my friends flights have been canceled. just waiting to see what happens. from different airports into jfk but their flights were moved to saturday. >> reporter: airports are encouraging all travelers to check their flight status online or call before arriving to the airport. now while there don't seem to be many delays here at sfo, as far as arriving flights that is
6:36 am
a different story. we've seen numerous cancellations on the board. all coming from back east. again the situation keeps on changing and we will continue to monitor it. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >> now for the latest information on travel delays, make sure you keep watching us here on channel 2 and follow us on twitter and on facebook. we will post updates about local and national travel delays throughout the entire day. it is 6:36. we have new information on the fire at a memorial in santa rosa honoring andy lopez. the wooden alter was built to remember lopez. the 13-year-old boy who was shot and killed by a sheriffs deputy back in october. investigators now say the fire early yesterday morning was an accident which was started by a burning candle. earlier there had been speculation the fire was intentionally set. volunteers plan to spend this weekend rebuilding the memorial. time is 6:36.
6:37 am
today bart union members will vote on the reified labor contract. yesterday bart's board of directors finally approved the contract with bart's two biggest unions. the board vote signaled the end of a long labor dispute that included two strikes last year. bart atu are due to vote today. iciu members are scheduled to vote january 13th. they call green bay's lambeau field the frozen tundra for a reason. bitter. we mean bitter cold is expected this weekend when niners take on the packers. brian flores is in our newsroom with how some niners fans plan on braving the really, really cold elements. brian. >> yeah i'm getting cold just by reading this story. we found a few that headed out to green bay yesterday and what they could be facing when they sit on the bleachers. game time temps minus ten degrees. some say it could be record
6:38 am
breaking. so far that record also belongs to green by during the ice bowl when the packers face the cowboys in the championship game. the game may not be a sellout. there were still about 3,000 tickets available as of last night. to sell those tickets many 49er season ticketholders received an e-mail from the team offering special hotel and transportation packages. and some took advantage. >> everybody is saying seven layers. that's what i'm doing. we got the hand warmer, feet warmer, long ons, scarves,. we're ready. >> i would say maybe eight or nine layers. the packers say they plan on handing out 70,000 packets of hand hand warmers. i also checked with ticket master and there is still tickets available. i searched for the two best seats they are in the upper level but they are going for
6:39 am
$126. brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco mayor ed lee has made a friendly wager on the game. the loser has to visit a school in his hometown wearing a cap from the opposing team and read to children. also part of the bet a care package of local sweets. you can watch sunday's game right here on ktvu channel 2. fox coverage begins at 1:00 p.m.. kickoff set at 1:40. after the game we'll have live coverage from green bay on the point after. we're also airing a ktvu special road trip to a championship. you can catch it tonight after the cotton bowl right here on channel 2 or saturday at 10:00 a.m.. immediately follow mornings on 2. a lot of good sports games to watch. time 16:39. he's been in america living
6:40 am
illegal but now he can legally practice law. what this new attorney says he hopes his experience will mean for others. we're live in oakland where the parents of jahi mcmath head to court again today twice. we'll tell you what is at stake for their daughter. good morning. we still have a very serious crash in san francisco right near daly city that has one direction of interstate 280 shut down and its going to be that way for awhile. we'll tell you what happened and the best alternates. if you are a weather nut, there is a lot going on all over the country but just not much right here. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are fantastic.
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welcome back. another major court battle today over what happens next with 13-year-old jahi mcmath who has been declared brain dead. a federal judge will try to work out a deal between jahi's family and oakland's children's hospital. tara moriarty is at oakland right now to tell us what is planned for later today in court, tara. >> reporter: in about two hours lawyers from both sides are going to be meeting here at alameda county superior court for a conference. and two hours later they will head over to a federal court. we are not sure what the settlement conference is about but we do know the judge who
6:44 am
issued a temporary restraining order monday barring them from taking jahi off life support. they will be asking for feeding tubes to be installed. jahi's parents wants them to order childrens to insert a feeding tube and a tube that will make it easier for her to breathe. jahi has been on life support at children's since december 12th when doctors pronounced her brain dead. she suffered complications from a tonsil surgery. they will not insert tubes because they have no legal obligation to operate on the body of a dead person but jahi's parents say they will not give up on their daughter. they are hoping for a miracle. we will obviously try to talk to attorneys once they arrive here in court and we will keep you posted. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:44. the fbi now leads the
6:45 am
investigation into that arson fire. so far no one has claimed responsibility. but a surveillance camera across the street caught the fire as it started about 9:30. the person who set the fire is seen getting in and out of a mini van. some of the nearby residents say the whole thing makes them nervous. >> i thought it was a one-time incident. but at this point the lightbulb you know the wheels are turning and i'm wondering if its related to something else that mayo cur. so i'm a little nervous since i live right around the corner. >> the consulate says the arsonist/ed two buckets -- arsonist splashed two buckets of gas lean on the building and set it on fire.
6:46 am
sergio garcia hopes the california supreme court ruling allowing him to practice law even though he's in the u.s. illegally will open the door to other immigrants in the same situation. the california supreme court ruled unanimously 36-year-old garcia of chico should be allowed to practice law in california. the ruling came after the state legislature recently approved a law that specifically authorized the state to give law licenses to immigrants who are here illegally. >> what california does a lot of people follow. and i know florida is facing the same issue. new york is facing the same issue. i really think they were both waiting on us to act. >> even though garcia now has a law license, federal law makes it illegal for law firms to hire him. garcia says he plans to open his own practice and be a personal injury attorney in
6:47 am
chico. chris cluey is accusing his former special team's coordinator of making antigay comments while on the team in an article posted on dead spin that coach mike made several antigay comments in objection to cluey's out spoken opposition of an antigay marriage. former vikings coach leslie frazier and current general manager encouraged cluey to tone down his rhetorics supporting gay rights in an effort to reduce distractions to the team. the vikings released a statement after they became aware of the allegations yesterday. it says quote we take them very seriously and we will thoroughly review the matter. we do not tolerate discrimination at any level. any notion that chris was released from our football team due to a stance of marriage equality is inaccurate and incant with team policy. >> let's check in with sal. we have a major traffic
6:48 am
situation on the peninsula. >> that is right. 280 in san francisco just before the daly city border here. there is an injury crash and also one person was killed. so more than one person was injured but one person was killed here on 280. that is northbound 280 on the left getting through. one lane. southbound 280 there are several cars that are stuck in the backup. and you take the mission street exit you can go down the road and get back on the freeway. if you know your way around you can do it. i wouldn't recommend it. i would recommend 101 or surface roads to get on the freeway after this problem. let's move along and take a look at westbound bay bridge. that is not bad. as a matter of fact the traffic here is looking good coming into san francisco. highway 24 we had an earlier
6:49 am
crash in oakland. right near broadway. didn't slow traffic down much. it was moved to the shoulder and traffic is light even when there are crashes. the traffic still does pretty well. 6:48 let's go back to steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning. happy friday everybody. forecast for most of the country is cold. really, really cold. and sunday looks to be very, very cold. especially in green bay. i've seen forecasted highs of minus two. for us it looks really mild and warm. just had nice information from michael. in 164 years of recordkeeping, there has been 11 januaries with an inch of rain or less. there is no sign of any rain until the 20th of this month.
6:50 am
30s, 40s, to 50 degrees for some. 22 up in tahoe. 26 in reno. it looks like snow is about done. thing are almost done new york city about 5-10 inches around there. massachusetts really took the cake here. they are the leader of the pack. boxford and topsfield had the most. for green bay its a little quiet right now. clouds are beginning to increase as the really bitterly cold arctic air works its way down from canada. record low maximum temperatures look to be a slam dunk for next tuesday. for us high clouds and hazy skies. there is an offshore push. it looks like this will hold into the weekend. there are two systems for next week. one will go to the north one looks like it will go to the
6:51 am
coast. mostly sunny high clouds hazy. mild to warm today. these are way above as you can probably imagine. alameda 62 to brentwood and oakley. hayward 63. warmer though morgan hill and gilroy. santa cruz upper 60s. 60nd to low and mid and upper on the peninsula. so warm, breezy on saturday. especially out to the valley. nice on monday but a little cooler then. turning cooler on tuesday. time is 6:51. changes to the school lunch program and the way your kids eat. the new rules that could be adding more food to the lunch plates of your children. plus what a california man did after someone used his credit card to buy things he never wanted.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
u.s. stocks seeing a bit of a modest bounce this morning after wall street began the new year with a broad decline yesterday. market volume already expected to be on the light side due to the new years holiday interrupted week. will be likely anionic. not a lot of people getting around. taking a live look at the big board. the dow up 52. the nasdaq up three. s & p up four. a new study shows self- driving cars will become the
6:55 am
new normal in the next 40 years. right now the cars are still being designed and tested. but ihs automotive consultant says there will be 230,000 on the road in the next 11 years and that will jump to nearly 12 million in the ten years after that. analysts say once there are more self-driving cars in use, the number of accidents will decline sharply and they add traffic jams and air pollution are also likely to decrease. meanwhile auto sale reports are said to come in. and u.s. sales up 6%. analysts expect oh fall annual gains to be up about 8% but they warn industry growth is likely to slow to 3% this year. time is 6:55. east oakland residents are mourning the tragic death of yet another child. last night dozens of people went to this vigil to remember 13-year-old lee weathersbee who
6:56 am
was killed new years eve. there were flowers and canceled at 104th avenue and walnut street where he was shot and killed. it happened less than a mile from his home in a neighborhood where some say life is measured by surviving a day at a time. >> i had my moments when i cried, but it hasn't really sung -- because it really hasn't sunk in yet. >> police think there were several holiday parties going on in the area that night. they are hoping witnesses will come forward. lee's school will hold a memorial for him next wednesday. big changes are going to be coming soon to children's school lunch programs. the agricultural department says its making permanent rules that allows schools to serve bigger portions of lean meat and whole grains. the guidelines restricting the portion size was originally
6:57 am
intended to fight childhood obesity but a lot of parents complain their children weren't getting enough to eat. a bakersfield man who saw an unusual charge on his credit card found a creative way to stop the thief. bill lever noticed someone bought a $275 new wave oven using his business credit card. he filed a report that the officer assigned to the case is on vacation until next week. he called the oven company and able to get the shipment tracking number and found out the oven was coming to bakersfield. >> i took the police report and faxed it to the company. the oven company. and they reconsigned the shipment. >> so it was shipped back to the company before it reached the would-be thief. time is 6:57. coming up on mornings on 2 we are live on the peninsula. we have breaking news.
6:58 am
we've been following this for the past 90 minutes. a deadly accident involving a pedestrian out there. it is causing major delays on a daly city freeway. also a powerful winter storm pounding the east coast. we'll see how that effecting bay area airports on the first weekend of 2014. good. good answer. check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants.
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we're continuing to follow breaking news in daly city where all lanes of southbound 280 remain shut down to traffic. the chp just gave us an estimate on when one lane might reopen. we'll have details on that and what happened -- coming up. this deadly crash is causing major delays near the daly city san francisco boarder. i will show you the alternate routes to get around the crash scene. >> reporter: we're live at sfo monitoring all of the cancellations and delays because of the winter storm back east. we'll have the latest here. and a big fire near a popular marin county shopping mall. how it conconnected to a homeless encampment. "mornings on 2" starts now. push


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